Increasing performance for simulations on large schedules

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Increasing performance for simulations on large schedules

Post by G&G » Sun Nov 18, 2018 12:42 pm

How can you speed up the time that is required to run a MC analysis on a extremely large schedule?

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Re: Increasing performance for simulations on large schedules

Post by Intaver Support » Sun Nov 18, 2018 12:43 pm

With extremely large projects (>50,000) running simulations can be an arduous task. Just loading data into applications can take hours and is one of the reasons that it is not a recommended practice. However, some mega projects require this analysis as part of their Integrated Program Management (IPM) processes. In this case, we offer a specialized version of RiskyProject that uses a process of componentization. Components are subprojects who are logically “componentized” in the project, that is they have only one successor and one predecessor. Under these conditions results of the analysis for the component, is a valid mathematical proxy for the sum of all the activities in the component. By componentization we can simplify very large schedules into a smaller number of larger activities while maintain a valid model of both the precedent network and the uncertainties. To perform the analysis:

1. Split project into smaller manageable subprojects.
2. Run simulations on the subprojects and save results.
3. Create a master schedule in RiskyProject
4. Insert subprojects with results of analysis to the master schedule in RiskyProject
5. Run a simulation on the master schedule.
6. Save results of individual subprojects to view results of individual tasks in sub projects.
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