RiskyProject Professional vs RiskyProject Enterprise

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RiskyProject Professional vs RiskyProject Enterprise

Post by TomGR » Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:00 pm

What is the difference between the RiskyProject Enterprise and RiskyProject Professional. We are thinking of purchasing a number of licenses and want to know which one best suits our needs.

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Re: RiskyProject Professional vs RiskyProject Enterprise

Post by Intaver Support » Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:05 pm

RiskyProject Professional is best suited or the analysis and management of projects by a single user. RiskyProject Professional is desktop software that provides project risk analysis and management. This includes cost and schedule risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulations. RiskyProject Professional also includes an integrated Risk Register that allows you to perform full cycle project risk analysis and management on your project including identification, assessment, planning, monitoring and control.

RiskyProject Enterprise is a client/server application which requires client and server licensing and is designed to provide access for multiple users to a shared portfolio of projects and risks. The suite of desktop clients that include RiskyProject Professional, Lite, and Risk Register can be used to access the Enterprise database.

The Enterprise Server also includes several key features not available when the clients are in standalone mode such as:

• User Management with Roles and Permissions
• Notification
• Organizational Break Structure
• Project Portfolio with hierarchy
• Multiple Risk Registers that allow risk assessment, management, and control of risks at any level of the hierarchy (project, program, or enterprise).
• Incident Management

Therefore, if you have a group of users who are performing analysis on separate projects that do not require analysis and management at a portfolio level, RiskyProject Professional will suffice. If however, you are looking to manage a portfolio of projects and risks using a central database, RiskyProject Enterprise is the more suitable solution.
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