Assigning risks to Agile projects

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Assigning risks to Agile projects

Post by Ken » Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:13 pm

How would you model risks for Agile storyboards?
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Re: Assigning risks to Agile projects

Post by Intaver Support » Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:18 pm

In Agile, risks as understood in more traditional risk analysis don’t exist or more specifically, they are not managed as risk events, but rather issues that could impact the progress of specific sprints in the delivery of a storyboard. Issues are conditions that have 100% probability of happening, but can have a range of impacts. In many ways, they are similar to 3-point estimates used to model aleatory risks in schedule risk analysis. However, unlike in schedule risk analysis where you can only have one distribution assigned to a particular activity (analogous to a sprint ), in Agile you can assign multiple issues to a specific sprint.
For example, in a two-week Sprint has the following issues with estimated range of impacts in days (Low, Most Likely, and High) assigned to it them:
• Resource Availability: 0, .5, 2
• Network connectivity: .25, .5, 1
• Technical: 0, .5, 4
Issues can be added to an issue register.


Issues can then be assigned to a sprint.


Once issues are assigned, we can view how the issues are assigned to the sprint.


Once issues are assigned to your sprints you can run a simulation. To read the next steps in our proposed process, please read our blog post Agile Project Management and Quantitative Risk Analysis ( ... anagement/)
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