Does RiskyProject have contingency planning?

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Does RiskyProject have contingency planning?

Post by Ken » Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:07 pm

Does RiskyProject Enterprise have contingency planning?
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Re: Does RiskyProject have contingency planning?

Post by bbadmin » Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:18 pm

In RiskyProject, risks can be managed using two processes. The first is a mitigation plan which is one or more activities that will occur before period in which a risk could occur to minimize either the impact or probability of the risk occurring. Mitigation plans are generally created as assigned to risks in the Mitigation Water fall chart.

The second method is the Risk Response plan and allow you to put in place a cost and duration for a plan that will be activated if the risk occurs. For example, if you have a risk of losing a key resource, your contingency plan, would be to find a suitable replacement, which may take time and money. With a response plan you can model the cost and time required by assigning the plan to the risk. Response plans are similar to a risk assignment, in that they can have cost or schedule impacts, but they can be used on multiple risks.

When you run a simulation with risks with response plans, each time the risk occurs in a specific iteration it with add the cost and time of the response plan to your results. At the end of the simulation, the results will include the expected values for cost and duration for each response plan.


The response plans are assigned to specific activities in the schedule and are executed if the risk occurs.


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