License of RiskyProject Enterprise

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License of RiskyProject Enterprise

Post by kp56 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:27 am

We have three licenses of RiskyProject professional in our organization. Now I would like to use RiskyProject Enterprise. Do I need to replace licenses of RiskyProject? What should I do the enable RiskyProject Enterprise?

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Re: License of RiskyProject Enterprise

Post by Intaver Support » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:37 am

If you already have RiskyProject Professional on your computer you don't need to uninstall them. You can just connect to the server component as long as version of RiskyProject Professional and the server components are the same. Currently our commercial version is You would need to purchase a server component for us. You then install server component on your server. You would need to have Microsoft SQL Server database. For three users you may use Microsoft SQL Server Express which is free and can be downloaded from Microsoft web site. You can use different versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

RiskyProject Professional comes with the server component. You just need to install database. Please use RiskyProject Admin guide available from our web site for the instructions, how to do that. Also you can find RiskyProject sample database on our web site: ... -database/

After server component installed, you may connect your RiskyProject Professional to the server component. To do that just click on
Tools -> Update RiskyProject License and select Enterprise Client (requires database).
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