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Saving Data for Individual Tasks in Database

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:12 pm
by Intaver Support
Intaver Institute has released RiskyProject for the Lite, Professional and Enterprise versions. RiskyProject is a minor software release and includes fixes of few minor issues. RiskyProject Enterprise allows saving data for individual tasks in the database, which is required for reporting and integration with other project management software. If you use RiskyProject 6.0 and earlier and looking to increase performance on Monte Carlo simulations, we recommend you to upgrade your software to RiskyProject

Saving data for individual tasks in database is designed for integration with software such as Proteus Envision by SNA software ( Proteus Envision® is a powerful application that quickly and economically integrates relevant project management data regardless of the underlying application or source data. Based on the new UN/CEFACT XML standard Proteus Envision® provides integrated cost, schedule, financial and risk information and aggregates that data for use by the end user based on their role and need to know - turning data into intelligence. Proteus Envision® allows for visibility of relevant data that in the past had been unavailable due to the limitations imposed by older solutions. With Proteus Envision® the quality of essential project management data is ensured thereby improving organizational credibility -- a quality of unlimited value in a period of fiscal austerity.