Moving a 7.1 version file to an earlier version

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Moving a 7.1 version file to an earlier version

Post by ProjectM » Thu Oct 15, 2020 11:12 am

I created a risky project file using version 7.1. But all my co-workers are unable to open the schedule and view it. So I installed Risky project version 7.0 but now I am unable to open the schedule which I originally created using 7.1.2. Is there a way to solve this problem? I would like to understand if I can overcome this issue without recreating the entire schedule from scratch again.

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Re: Moving a 7.1 version file to an earlier version

Post by Intaver Support » Thu Oct 15, 2020 11:13 am

RiskyProject versions are always backwards compatible, but not forward. So you can open a 7.0 file in 7.1, but not the reverse. This is because the data schemes are different between major versions. Because the underlying data schema is different, we can only offer a partial solution of moving the schedule from 7.1 to 7. New improvements to the risk system means that they are incompatible with the earlier versions.
To quickest way to recreate the 7.1 file in 7.0 format:

1. Best practice would be to use the Excel Export in 7.1 to export your risk assignment data from the Risk Assignment view. This will be used as a record of how the risks have been assigned to the tasks or resources.
2. Export the file as an MSP XML file. Select Deterministic Schedule.
3. In the Risk tab, Export/Import Group, Risk Register, click Save Risk Register. This will create a risk register file *.alr. This includes all the risk meta data, but not the probabilities and impacts. The file will be used to import the list of risks.

Note: This same process can be used to recreate a file to an earlier version with the exception of the use of the Risk Assignment view. In this case, you may use Global Risk Assignment to as a guide to recreate your risk assignments.

Now you have 3 pieces of data to recreate the file. An xml file, a risk register file (*.alr), and the risk assignments in an Excel file.
4. Open version 7.0 and import the xml file. This will load the schedule into RiskyProject 7.0
5. In the Risk tab, Import/Export group, click Load Risk Register. Browse to the risk register file that you created. Click OK to load the risks.
6. Using the risk assignment information in the Excel file, reassign risks to the schedule.
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