Agile and schedule risk analysis

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Agile and schedule risk analysis

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Is it possible to model Agile projects in RiskyProject?
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Re: Agile and schedule risk analysis

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1. It is possible to model Agile projects in RiskyProject, however it does take some adjustment in the methodology and process.
2. Agile has iterations and storyboards which represent the steps (iterations) and deliverables (storyboards)
3. In RiskyProject you can model iterations as activities. Storyboards can be milestones or Summary Activities depending upon how you want to set the project up.
4. While iterations have set durations (e.g two weeks) that unlike activities do not vary, they can experience issues or obstacles that will prevent certain work being completed in a specific iteration. In Agile , you can model these issues as risk that can delay completion.
5. Using Monte Carlo simulations, you can measure how often iterations will be completed on time and whether issues will require additional iterations to complete the storyboard or project scope.
We have recently published a blog post on the use of RiskyProject in Agile methods which provides more detail on the proposed process: ... anagement/
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