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Joint confidence level chart

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 11:27 am
by remerson risk analysis
I think the tooltip in Joint Confidence Level chart is incorrect. Duration is 8 times smaller than it supposes to be, however chart itself is correct and all samples are displayed properly.

Re: Joint confidence level chart

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 11:36 am
by Intaver Support
This problem is fixed and the fix will be available in new version of the software. Joint Confidence Level chart shows relationship between project duration and cost. It can be invoked from Project Summary view.


It is called "Cost vs Duration Scatter Plot". The button is located below finish time chart. The plot can be shown for duration or finish times. Each dot on the chart presents samples of data: Project Cost vs. Project Duration or Project Cost vs. Project Finish Time. If you hover a mouse above any point, you will be able to see a tooltip, which shows actual values of the point. The issue is tooltip for project duration was not properly converted to the current duration units and therefore was displayed incorrectly. Tooltip for project finish time is working correctly.