Assigning Uncertainty to Entire Project

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Assigning Uncertainty to Entire Project

Post by kp56 » Sun Jan 17, 2021 9:03 pm

What I would like to do is input a 3pt analysis and apply it to the entire project to see how it affects finish date. One of our current projects has an optimistic of .8, a most likely of .99, and a pessimistic of 1.55. How can I input those parameters and apply it to the entire project? Will it also give me some sort of graphical display for each task?

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Re: Assigning Uncertainty to Entire Project

Post by Intaver Support » Sun Jan 17, 2021 9:05 pm

Here is the easiest way to assign uncertainties to entire project:

1. Select every task – Click on first task ID and drag down.
2. Right-click on a Task ID to open the shortcut menu.
3. Click on Set Low/High Duration.
4. Enter in the coefficients and select the Statistical Distribution and click OK.
5. To check that the durations have been assigned correctly, you may want to add the “Duration Most Likely” column to the view..
6. Run the Simulation and on the ribbon, click Analysis. Result Gantt.
7. Select the activity you want to view and in the Task Simulations group, click Probability Plot. You can double-click on a chart to open a detailed view of the results.
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