Copy risks between projects

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Copy risks between projects

Post by Col » Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:49 am

Can I copy risks from one project to another?
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Re: Copy risks between projects

Post by Intaver Support » Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:52 am

Yes and the method that you use depends on how you want to copy the risks.

If you have a project schedule with risks assigned to tasks, you can copy the risks and their assignments by using the Import > Risks from Another Project. This will import the risks as well as the risk assignments (based on Task IDs) from one project to another. This is useful process if you have project templates with the same or very similar logical structure. In this way you can transfer your risks with the risk assignments.


Alternatively, you can use risk templates to copy risks from one project to another. Risk templates contain all of the risk information with the exception of assignment (chance and outcome). So if you have a list of risk and includes mitigation plans, definitions, assumptions, etc. you can copy this to another risk register.

To create a risk register template, open the project with the risk register you want to use as a template. From the Risks tab > Export /Import > Risk Register > Save Risk Register. You will be prompted to save it as a template (*.alr).

To import the risk register template, open or create a project. Risks tab > Export /Import > Risk Register > Load Risk Register. You will be prompted to navigate to the risk register template file (*.alr). Select the file and click Open. If the project’s risk register has existing risks, they will be overwritten.
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