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Intaver Insitute released RiskyProject 6.1

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2014 3:35 pm
by Intaver Support
RiskyProject 6.1 is a minor release of RiskyProject and all our clients who use RiskyProject 6 or subscribe to our maintenance program can receive it free of charge. The release includes performance and several new features for that are included with both the Professional and Lite versions. These release features extensive improvements to the performance of the Monte Carlo simulations, as well optimization of schedule risk analysis on Microsoft Project schedules. In addition, a new resource type and risk correlation settings have been included with this release. The newest version will now give RiskyProject users one of the fastest project cost and schedule risk analysis software at a price far below those of our competitors.

RiskyProject 6.1 includes
  • - support of multiprocessing
    - improved speed loading schedule data
    - optimization of data for schedule risk analysis
    - improved analysis of large master projects
Other new RiskyProject 6.1 features includes
  • - cost type resources
    - correlations of project risk assignments
    - optimization of data for schedule risk analysis
    - and other schedule risk analysis and cost risk analysis features