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Risk Score Meter Settings

To define risk score meter scale and calculation formula click on the question mark at the lower right corner of the Duration Score meter. Project duration score is calculated using the following formula:

Score = Risk Duration / Original Duration


Risk Duration – could be mean project duration as a result of analysis, mean project duration plus a standard deviation of duration, or a certain percentile of the entire project duration.

Original Duration - Original (baseline) project duration with no risks and uncertainties

  • If the project does not have duration risks, the Duration score will be equal 1.
  • If the Duration risk score is > 1, the project has threats related to duration.
  • If the Duration risk score is < 1,the project has opportunities related to duration.

Project cost score is calculated similarly

To define risk score meter settings:

  1. Select risk parameter from dropdown list
  2. Define maximum threat score
  3. Click OK

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