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Managing Risk Properties

Each risk may have risk properties. These properties are useful for storing any information about the risk. Properties can be use for search and filtering risks in the risk register. Risk properties can be different types:

Integer numbers and real numbers have maximum and minimum values. The list of risk properties is hierarchical; the risk properties are subdivided into separate groups.

Editing the default risk properties

  1. Click the Risks tab. In the Settings group, click Default Properties.
  2. Select a row under which you want to add a new risk outcome.
  3. Right-click on the row number and choose New Property Item.
  4. Type in the name.
  5. Select type, maximum and minimum values for the new property.
  6. Use the Indent and Outdent arrows to create groups of risk properties.
  7. If you have Picklist type risk property double click on risk property ID; Picklist dialog box will come up where you can enter the list of values.

Default risk properties are automatically saved in the system registry and can be used for all projects. You may use the Restore Default button to overwrite changes in default risk properties you made with standard set of risk properties.

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