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How portfolio options are applied

These are two ways by which portfolio options are applied to a particular project:

  • Apply portfolio options to all new or imported projects - the user may change individual project options at any time.
  • Use only portfolio options - inividual project options cannot be changed.

To change these rules:

  1. Click the Projects tab.
  2. In the Portfolio Settings group, click Portfolio Options.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Select on the rules to apply to the Portfolio.
  5. Click OK.

Individual Risk Matrixes for Different Projects or Users

By default, there is one global risk matrix for all users or projects. However, you have the option to assign individual risk matrixes for different projects or users. If you assign individual risk matrixes for a particular summary project, these will automatically be propagated to all subprojects. If you assign individual matrixes to the users, these will be assigned to all users within a selected user group in your organizational breakdown structure.

To define individual matrixes for users and projects:

  1. Click the Risks tab and then click on Format Risk Matrix
  2. Click on Advanced Settings
  3. Select Risk Matrix Settings: global, per project or per user

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