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Assigning Risk Mitigation Plans

You can assign mitigation plans defined in the Mitigation and Response view to your risks. One risk may have multiple sequential mitigation plans. They can be shown as a Waterfall diagram. Waterfall diagrams can be used to visualize the timing of mitigation efforts over the course of the project.

  • Pre-mitigation probability and impact are results of calculation. Therefore, they cannot be updated in the waterfall tab.
  • Probability, impact, and score for the last mitigation effort are converted into the post-mitigation probability, impact, and score and will be shown in the Risk Register.
  • You can view Planned and Actual risk mitigation efforts. Actual mitigation efforts are taken from the History tab on the Risk Information dialog.

Viewing waterfall diagrams

  1. Open the Risk Register view.
  2. Double click on Risk ID. The Risk Information Dialog box opens.
  3. Click the Mitigation (Waterfall diagram) tab.

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