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Advanced Mapping Options

Using advanced mapping options, you may “relax” some constraints in your Microsoft Project schedule while it is imported into RiskyProject. You can also define the location of the temporary file used to import results to RiskyProject.

You must define a temporary file location if the original project schedule has been read directly into Microsoft Project from Microsoft Project Server.

To define advanced settings:

  1. Open the Mapping Fields in Microsoft Project and click Advanced Mapping. The Advance Mapping dialog box opens.
  2. Select the constraints in the original project schedule you want to modify during import.
  3. If your Microsoft Project schedule has elapsed duration, define the prefix for elapsed duration. In the English version, the prefix is ‘ e’ (with space), e.g. ‘5 edays’. However in other languages, this prefix may be different.
  4. Select the temporary file location for the RiskyProject Add-in in Microsoft Project.
  5. Click OK.

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