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About RiskyProject Enterprise

RiskyProject is a project risk management software. RiskyProject can be configured as standalone desktop software, which saves files to the set of files for each project, or enterprise software, which saves data in the database. As the same installation package is used for both desktop and enterprise versions of the software, switching from one version to another is quick and easy. You can switch from one configuration to another using the RiskyProject License Wizard. RiskyProject Enterprise is a flexible project portfolio risk analysis and management system.

The enterprise system is comprised of three main components:

  • RiskyProject Server: The server contains the RiskyProject database. For the current version of RiskyProject, the server can be run on a Microsoft SQL Server. The database contains all project and risk data including Monte Carlo simulation results.
  • RiskyProject Enterprise Desktop Client: The enterprise client is required to perform quantitative risk analysis and management. The client used with enterprise software can be the Professional, Lite, or Risk Register modules. If enterprise client is RiskyProject Professional or RiskyProject Lite, the enterprise client includes three Portfolio views: Risked Projects view, Portfolio Gantt view and Project Portfolio view. These are portfolio-level views of project schedules and costs.

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