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About Project Preferences

The Preferences dialog allows individual users to set up preferences for project desktop behaviour and appearance, as well as setting up default export and 3rd party settings:

  1. Select the project view that will appear whenever RiskyProject is opened from the Default View list. “***LAST VIEW***” will automatically load the RiskyProject session which was opened most recently.
  2. Select or clear the Show or hide startup view check boxes to enable or disable the workflow bar, legends and splash screens.
  3. You may define the path for the external applications in the Tools tab. This is useful if you have removed an external application or a new release of the external application is installed and RiskyProject cannot find it in the registry. You can also use the Tool tab to correct a path if you selected the wrong file for external application. Click on Envision Database Connection Settings to configure integration with the Proteus Envision® database. This can be done the same way as configuration for connecting with RiskyProject database, as outlined in the RiskyProject Enterprise Administrator’s Guide.

    To define a path to an external application:

    1. Click the Projects tab. In the Settings group, click Preferences.
    2. Click the Browse button to browse for the application executable and enter in the URL of the application vendor
    3. Click OK to save the preferences.

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