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Introduction to RiskyProject

What is RiskyProject?

Who should use RiskyProject?

Qualitative vs Quantitative Risk Analysis

RiskyProject Interface

Modifying Datasheets

Modifying Columns in Datasheets

Qualitative Risk Analysis and Risk Management

RiskyProject Risks

Risks in RiskyProject

Risk Register

Adding Risks to Risk Register

Deleting Risks from Risk Register

Risk Categories

Risk Outcome Types

Risk Probability and Chance

Risk Outcomes

Mutually Exclusive Alternatives

Threats and Opportunities

Risk Impact

Risk Score

Risk Properties in Risk Register View

Filtering and Sorting Risks

Use tabs to create multiple views of Risk Register

Risk Mitigating and Response Planning

Risk Mitigation and Response Plans

Creating a Mitigation or Risk Response Plan

Creating Summary and Sub-Plans

Assign Tasks to Mitigation or Response Plan

Risk Properties in Details

About Risks Properties

Defining Risk Probabilities and Impacts

Defining Statistical Distribution for Risk Outcomes

Risk Form

About Cost of Risk Calculations

Custom Risk Properties

Risk Reviews

Uncertainties in Risk Outcomes

Assigning Risk Response Plans

Assigning Risk Mitigation Plans

Assign Mitigation View

Risk History

Risk Matrix

Viewing the Risk Matrix

Viewing Mitigation Plans on the Risk Matrix

Viewing the Risk Trend Chart

Risk Report

Risk Report Setup

Setting up Defaults for Qualitative Risk Analysis

Risk ID Settings

Managing Risk Categories and Outcomes

Adding Risk Categories

Adding Risk Outcome Types

Risk Weighting

Weighting Risk Categories

Managing Default Risk Properties

Formatting the Risk Matrix

Nonlinear Intervals for Probability and Impact

Risk Trend Chart Settings

Algorithm for Impact Calculation

Saving and loading the Risk Register

Integration with Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera

RiskyProject for Microsoft Project

Installation of RiskyProject for Microsoft Project

Using Microsoft Project Add-In

Project Report

Mapping Custom Fields in Microsoft Project

Advanced Mapping for Microsoft Project

Mapping user defined fields in XER files to RiskyProject fields

Setting up your Projects

Setting up Your Project Defaults

Setting up Viewing Defaults

Setting up Duration Defaults

Setting up Calendar Defaults

Setting up Project Units

Setting up Calculation Options

Setting up Cost Defaults

Setting up Risk Defaults

Setting up Calendars

About Calendars in RiskyProject

Base calendars

Creating a Base Calendar

Project Calendars

Resource Calendars

Task Calendars

Defining Working Time

Creating a New Calendar

Renaming Calendar

Probabilistic Calendars

Weather Calendars

Creating Projects

Creating a New Project

Importing Existing Project Schedules

Project Settings

About Project Settings

General Project Information

Project Start Time

Project Calendar

Project Deadlines

Entering Main Project Information

Project Tasks

About Project Tasks

Defining Summary Tasks and Subtasks

Predecessors and Lags

Adding a Predecessor to a Task


Adding Constraints


Task Deadlines

Adding Fixed Cost and Income


Advanced Task Management

Formatting Gantt Bars

Managing Resources and Work

About Resources and Work

Assigning Resources to Tasks

Assigning Calendars to Resources

Defining Work

Cost Rate Tables

Managing Costs

Cost, Income, and Profit Calculations in RiskyProject

Variable and Fixed Costs and Income

Cost per Use

Adding Fixed Costs and Income to Tasks

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Assigning Risks to Tasks and Resources

Risk Assignments

Converting your Project from Qualitative to Quantitative Risk Analysis

Risk Attributes for Quantitative Risk Analysis

Assigning Local and Global Risks

Method 1: Assigning Risks Using the Drag-N-Drop Risk View

Method 2: Assigning Global and Local Risks Using Risk Register

Method 3: Re-Assigning risks using the Risk Assignment view

Method 4: Assigning Local Risks Using the Task or Resource Information Dialogs

Parallel Risks

Risk Correlations

About Risk Correlations

How Correlated Risks are Calculated

Correlating Risks

Risk Templates

Working with Risk Template

Managing Uncertainties

Adding 3-Point Estimates

Defining Task Distributions

Input Distribution Chart

Using Empirical Data to Generate a Statistical Distribution

Assigning Low, Most Likely, and High Estimates for Duration and Cost for Group of Tasks

Uncertainty Bands

Finding Text or Data

Assign Duration/Cost to Found Tasks

Analyzing Project Results


Defining the number of simulations

Analyzing Results

Project Summary

Risk Score Meter Settings

Viewing Summary Frequency Charts

Task Simulation Results Options

Results Gantt Chart

Task Simulation Results

Detailed Task Simulation Results

Joint Confidence Level Plot

Viewing Statistical Results of Work

Resource Allocation

Viewing Results for Resource Assignments

Analyzing Cost and Income

Cash Flow Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

Viewing Sensitivity Analysis for Each Task

Calculation Algorithm for Sensitivity Analysis

Risk Chart

Crucial Tasks Chart

Success Rate Chart

Project Control

About Project Control

Calculating and Reassessing Tasks Using Tracking Data

Entering Tracking Information

Defining Statistical Distribution for Remaining Duration

Viewing Tracking Data

Tracking Gantt Chart

Reporting Project Results

RiskyProject Reports

Statistics Report for Quantitative Analysis

Customizing the Statistics Report

Project Dashboard

Task Reports

Risk Reports

Profit Reports

Images and Pictures

Exporting Projects

Launching Microsoft Project

Advanced Project Risk Management

Critical Path

Schedule Diagnostics

DCMA 14 Point Schedule Assessment

Analyzing Risk Mitigation Efforts with Multiple Baselines

Creating a Baseline

Converting a Baseline to a Current Schedule

Setting the Current Baseline

Viewing Multiple Baselines

Probabilities, Impacts, and Scores for Multiple Baselines

Comparing Pre- and Post-Mitigation Baselines

Probabilistic and Conditional Branching

Importing Chances and Outcomes of the Risk from Microsoft Excel

Importing Risk Register from Microsoft Excel

Schedule Consolidation

RiskyProject Enterprise

Introduction to RiskyProject Enterprise

About RiskyProject Enterprise

RiskyProject Installation and Configuration

About RiskyProject License Types

Updating Your License

Logging on to RiskyProject Enterprise

Switching Between Enterprise and Standalone Desktop Configurations

Managing Projects

Creating a Portfolio Hierarchy

Opening Projects

About the Current Project

Refreshing the Hierarchy

Locking and Unlocking Projects

Modifying Projects

Closing a Project

Saving a Project

Creating a New Project without a Placeholder

Importng a Project File to the Database

Importing an XML File

Creating projects from Microsoft Project

Exporting a Project

Exporting a Project in XML Format

Copying and Pasting a Project

Deleting a Project

About the Portfolio Gantt View

About the Risked Projects View

About the Project Portfolio View

Viewing Project Details in the Portfolio Views

About Project Priorities

About Project Risk Scores

Portfolio Options and Preferences vs. Project Options

About Portfolio Options

How Portfolio Options Are Applied

About Risk Visibility (Approval) Rules

About Project Preferences

Managing Enterprise Risks

Introduction to Managing Enterprise Risks

About Risk Visibility and Risk Assignment

Assigning Risks to Projects

Changing Risk Visibility

Automatically Assign Risks to Upper Levels of the Hierarchy

About Hidden Risks

About the Risk Approval Process

Deleting Risk Assignments

Calculating Risk Probability and Impacts

Locking and Unlocking Risks

About Risk Documents

Adding a Document to a Risk

Risk Register and Organizational Units


About Incidents

Incident Statistics

Editing Incident Information

Incident Classification

Incident ID

Incident Properties

User Management

About User Management

Creating and Modifying Users, Organizational Units and Security Groups

About Project Permissions

About User Logon History

RiskyProject and Windows Authentication Modes

RiskyProject License and Security

Notifications about Risk Reviews and Updated Risks

About Notifications

View Notification Events

Configuring Notification E-mails

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions


Field Descriptions

RiskyProject Views

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