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Use tabs to create multiple views of Risk Register

You can create multiple tabs to create different views of the Risk Register. These tabs are shown at the bottom of risk register. Each view may have different set of columns, different headers, or different sorting and filtering settings. For example, in one tab you can show risk names and description sorted alphabetically. In another tab, you can show risk probabilities, impacts, and scored sorted based on risk score. This way you can easily switch between different views of the risk properties. In addition, these views can be used to generate multiple risk register reports.

Use tabs to create multiple views of Risk Register

The Risk Register tab settings are saved for each project. You can also save the current tab settings as the default for all new projects:

  • Right-click on any header
  • Click on Save Column Layout


  • With the Risk Register views you can rename risks and copy risk information to the clipboard. You may also copy and paste risks inside the Risk Register.
  • You can export the complete risk register or selected risks to Excel by click on File > Export > Microsoft Excel

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