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Schedule Consolidation

Some project schedules can include very significant number of activities and resources. To increase the performance of Monte Carlo simulations, very large schedules can be consolidated or condensed. When consolidation is performed, the number of activities will be reduced. RiskyProject will apply risks, resources and costs to consolidated activities accordingly. Tasks with actuals (tracking information), deadlines, and with different calendars cannot be consolidated. As a result, consolidated schedule will be equivalent to the original schedule: the same duration, start and finish times, cost, work, etc. RiskyProject will include notes to the consolidated activities with information about original activities. Consolidated task name will include names of original activities.

There are two ways to consolidate schedule:

1. Consolidate sequential activities, if they belong to the same summary task. Consolidated activities must have only one successor and predecessor and do not have constraints.

2. Consolidated summary tasks and subtasks, if all of them have the same start and finish times.

To perform consolidation:

Click on Tools -> Schedule Consolidation. You will be presented with number of tasks before and after consolidation.


  • In XER import RiskyProject will offer consolidation if number of activities greater than 20,000.
  • It is recommended to have original schedule before consolitation. If you perform consolidation but want to restore original schedule, click on Ctrl + Z.
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