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Switching Between Enterprise and Standalone Desktop Configurations

You may switch between Enterprise and Standalone desktop configurations of RiskyProject, and vice versa, at any moment. To do so, use the Update RiskyProject License button under the Tools pane on the toolbar.

  • If you switch from Enterprise configuration to standalone desktop configuration you must have a license for RiskyProject standalone on your computer. If an Enterprise configuration is saved in the database, the standalone license will be saved in the Windows registry.
  • If you switch from standalone desktop configuration to enterprise configuration, you need to define database connection properties in the manner outlined in the RiskyProject Enterprise Administrator’s Guide.
  • If you are in Enterprise mode, you may want to connect to a different database. Click on Update RiskyProject License and select Enterprise: update database parameters. You will be prompted to define database connection properties.

You may switch from Enterprise configuration to standalone desktop configuration by clicking on Start regular desktop license (no database) using the RiskyProject Enterprise logon dialog.

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