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Creating a Portfolio Hierarchy

You may organize a portfolio similarly to how you organize a project, using summary tasks and sub tasks. In the Portfolio views, programs are represented as summary projects and their data is the rollup of all projects listed under the specific program.

By default, RiskyProject Enterprise will 'add' all projects in your database to the Project Portfolio. All projects will be considered to be part of your portfolio, but will not be organized in a hierarchical structure: Portfolio > Programs > Projects. Your portfolio can be organized to reflect any types of business units, regions, project types etc. If your projects are not organized or you are adding a new project to the database, you will need to organize your Portfolio.

  1. Click the Projects tab. In the Project Views group, click any project view. In these views, you will be able to see all your projects. In a new database, there will be no projects shown in the views.
  2. To begin building the hierarchy and adding projects, first create a project. This will serve as a starting point to begin building the hierarchy. If the project contains any tasks or resources, it will be an actual project. Otherwise it will be a project placeholder. Project placeholders will not have a Gantt bar associated with them in any Project views: Portfolio Gantt, Risked Project, and Project Portfolio views. To add the initial project, click in the top row and type in a descriptive name.
  3. To add the project to the program, right-click on the project directly below the Program and choose Outdent,
  4. To create an empty row, right-click on the Project ID and click on Insert Project.By repeating these steps, you can create your a hierarchy, which will can include multiple programs and projects.

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