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About the Risked Projects View

The Risked Project view shows the relative risk associated with project versus project duration or total project cost. The risk is expressed as:

  • task standard deviation of task duration or cost
  • maximum or minimum values
  • ranges: the difference between maximum and minimum values
  • percentiles

In a well-balanced portfolio, different projects will have similar levels of risk. However, if the relative risk associated with a project is higher than similar projects, the project should be flagged for additional analysis. Alternatively, if a project has less relative risk, it may represent an opportunity where additional cost or schedule risk could be transferred to it to mitigate projects with higher risk in your portfolio.

Risked Projects view is implemented similarly to Risk Chart view for the project schedule. Risk Chart view shows a bubble chart for the tasks, while Risked Projects view shows bubble chart for the projects. To read more about how to view and use the Risked Projects view, see Risk Chart for more information.

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