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About Risk Visibility (Approval) Rules

When a new risk is added to the project, this risk will be visible for the current project, the immediate summary project, all summary projects for the current project, and the entire project portfolio. The visibility rules are defined in the Risk tab of the Portfolio Options dialog.

Note: You may always change risk visibility for a particular risk using the Risk Information dialog box. A manager or administrator can make a risk or group of risks visible by clicking on the risk ID and selecting “Make Visible (Approve)” from the shortcut menu.

Here are examples which demonstrate the ways in which particular risks will be visible for different projects within a project hierarchy, depending on risk visibility rules.

To Define Risk Visibility Rules:

  1. Click the Project tab
  2. In the Portfolio Settings group, click Portfolio Options
  3. Click the Risk tab
  4. Click the Risk Visibility (Approval) Rules
  5. Select one of the four visibility (approval) rules
  6. Click OK

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