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About the Risk Approval Process

Risks entered into the system may need to be approved by a manager before they become visible to other users. The manager or administrator can make risks assigned to specific projects visible in other projects. There are two methods to make projects visible:

  1. Using the Risk Information dialog box (see Chaning Risk Visibility) - using this method you can only change the visibility for one risk at a time.
  2. Using the Make Visible (Approve) command - you can modify the risk visibility for a group of risks.

To make a hidden risk visible:

  1. Open the project where you want the risk to be visible. If you don’t open any project, the risks will be visible at the enterprise level.
  2. Click the Risks tab and then in the Risk Views group, click Risk Register or Risk Properties.
  3. Select a single risk or a group of risks.
  4. Right-click on the Risk ID.
  5. Click Make Visible (Approve).

Tip: You must be an administrator or a manager to make risks visible. Even if you are the manager or owner of a particular risk, you cannot make the risk visible for other levels of the hierarchy.

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