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About Project Permissions

in RiskyProject Enterprise you can control access to projects using project permission. Project permissions either allow or deny users access to projects in your Portfolio. If you give access to a user (Manager or User), they will have complete access to the specified project(s) given the permissions they have been granted. User project permissions granted to a program (summary project) overwrite project permissions to all of its projects.

You must be an administrator to add or modify project permissions.

Adding Project Permissions to a user

  1. From the File menu, click Users. The User Management panel opens.
  2. Click the Project Permissions tab.
  3. On the Project Name pane on the left, select the project to which you want to provide or modify permissions. On the right is a table of name users in the system.
  4. From the list on the right, select the check box associated with the users to which you want to grant permission to the selected project. You can deny user access by clearing the check boxes.
  5. Click OK or switch to another tab.


  • The project permission tab is not shown if the database does not have any projects. This may occur if you just created a database.
  • If you grant or deny permissions to certain users on a summary project, the permissions will be propagated down the project hierarchy to all sub-projects.

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