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About RiskyProject License Types

When you start RiskyProject Professional and RiskyProject Lite for the first time on your computer, you will be prompted to define the license type or mode of RiskyProject operation. When installing RiskyProject, you may choose between three installation modes:

  • Enterprise Client Mode: RiskyProject will be connected to the database. In this mode, you can save projects to the database or in file format. In addition, this mode contains additional views (Portfolio Gantt, Project Portfolio, and Risked Projects) for managing and analyzing your project portfolio. You must have an enterprise client license to enable this mode.
  • Regular Desktop Mode: the desktop license is not connected to a database (stand alone RiskyProject). Projects can only be saved in RiskyProject’s format (*.alm).
  • Trial mode: the trial license is a full version of the desktop license that can be used for 30 days, at which time you must enter a license code to continue using the software.

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