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Who should use RiskyProject?

RiskyProject performs two major functions:

  • Risk Management: identification, recording, ranking, and reviewing risks, mitigation, and response plans, and all associated risk information.
  • Risk Analysis: determining how risks might affect your project schedule RiskyProject is beneficial for managers who do not want to concentrate on complex statistical analysis.

RiskyProject is beneficial for managers who want to perform risk analysis on their projects without specialist expertise or training in risk analysis. RiskyProject allows managers to quickly analyze a complex project schedule and associated costs, with multiple tasks and dependencies. It is a user-friendly system with an intuitive interface, which hides its advanced mathematical calculations and helps managers make informed decisions.

RiskyProject is useful for managers of research and development projects, including software projects, who run projects with multiple uncertainties using an iterative development process. It is a widely accepted fact that project management best practices and processes emphasize the importance of iterative development and risk tracking, which represents the cornerstone of the RiskyProject workflow.

RiskyProject is used in many industries, including: aerospace and defense, IT, engineering and construction, manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, energy, and mining.

What is RiskyProject?

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