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Viewing Tracking Data

Once you have entered in the tracking information, the tracking chart is automatically updated to show the Current Schedule, Low, Base, High, Actual and Forecast tracking data.

Project performance measurement

  • Current Schedule is always visible and represents the start and finish times of the task as entered in the task sheet.
  • Results Low, Base, and High are calculated as part of the probabilistic calculations. Low is associated with minimum, P1, P5, or P10 results depending on setting defined in Options (Calculation tab). Base is associated with the mean. High is associated with the maximum, P90, P95, or P99. If the low, base, and high results are the same, only one base line is drawn.
  • Actual represents the actual progress of the task.
  • Forecast is generated if you do not have the results of probabilistic calculations and you have entered a percentage for task completion, but did not recalculate the project.

  • To enlarge the chart, right-click and choose Details.
  • To copy the chart to the clipboard or as a JPEG file, right-click and choose a copy command from the shortcut menu.

Viewing tracking data for a task

  1. Select the task to which you want to enter tracking data
  2. Open the Task Information dialog box.
  3. Click the Tracking tab. By default, the first row should contain the actual start time with zero percent done.
  4. Right-click on the chart and select Details.
  5. To copy the chart for use in presentations or reports, right-click and select one of the Copy commands.

Viewing the Tracking Chart

The Tracking chart view is the only way to see tracking results for the complete project.

  1. On the Workflow bar, click the Tracking tab.
  2. Click the Tracking Chart view.
  3. Select a checkbox beside the task name to see results for the specific task. If no check boxes are selected, the results for the entire project are shown.

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