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Viewing Statistical Results for Work

  1. In the Task Information dialog click the Resource tab.
  2. Right click on resource ID and select Simulation Results
  3. Drag the slider across a chart to view the chance that the work will equal a certain value.
  4. View statistical parameters, percentiles, and raw statistical data for work on the left pane
  5. Switch between frequency chart, cumulative probability chart, and combined chart on the right pane of the dialog
  6. Right-click on the chart to view a full menu of analysis and copying options.

  • The low and high results of probabilistic calculations (cost, duration, and finish times) are associated with P1/P99, P5/P95, P10/P90, or any custom percentiles. These are defined in the Options (Calculation tab).
  • You may customize frequency charts either using Risks tab > Format Chart or by right clicking of frequency chart and selecting Options.

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