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Tracking Results

The probabilistic calculations always encapsulate the tracking information if it has been entered for a task. RiskyProject shows results of the tracking calculations in several different ways depending upon the view you are using to examine it.

Project scheduling: tracking results

Entering tracking data

  1. Select the task to which you want to enter the tracking data.
  2. Open the Task Information dialog box.
  3. Click the Tracking tab. By default, the first row should contain the actual start time with zero percent done.
  4. Click the row below the previous entry.
  5. Enter the status date or select it from the calendar.
  6. Enter the percentage of the task completed by the specified date. All dates and percentages must be consistent. For example, you cannot have a record with 60% completed before a record with 40% completed. In addition, you cannot have historical data with the date Jan 5,2004 before the record with Dec 14,2003.
  7. Optionally enter remaining duration parameters: low, base, and high duration, and statistical distribution for remaining duration. If you don't enter this information remaining duration on each iteration will be calculated using extrapolation of original duration.
  8. Define parameters of statistical distribution for remaining duration (see 'Defining statistical distribution for remaining duration' more information).
  9. You can define Actual Work for each resource assigned to a task. It can be used to calculate tracking information. To enter Actual Work use Resources tab of Task Information dialog box.
  10. Type in a comment to record actual details of work completed. You can now view the Tracking chart.

Project scheduling: tracking results

  • To view any tracking information, including the percentage completed for summary tasks and the project, you must calculate the project.
  • Remaining duration information is used only for probabilistic analysis.

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