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Entering Task Deadlines

You define task deadlines in the Deadline Tab of Task Information dialog box. The Actual task deadline is defined by two factors: the task duration and the task deadline. The Actual task deadline is a minimum of two numbers: task start time + maximum task duration and task deadline. Three different actions can occur when a task deadline hits its deadline:

  • No Actions: A red deadline arrow is displayed on the Gantt chart for all views, but it will not affect the calculation.
  • End task: The task duration is reduced, but the task is not canceled.
  • Cancel task: The task duration is reduced and the task is canceled.

  • Deadlines do not affect the results of the original project schedule (before calculation). Baselines are calculated without taking into account risks, uncertainties, and tracking information. RiskyProject uses only one project baseline. Baseline project schedules are shown in the Baseline Gantt view. In addition, the baseline can be shown together in the Result Gantt and Tracking Gantt views. It allows you to compare the calculated project schedule, which included risks, uncertainties, and tracking information, with the baseline schedule.calculation; however, a red deadline arrow is shown on all views that include a Gantt chart. You can turn display of the deadline arrows on and off in RiskyProject Options.
  • If the actual deadline occurs on a non-working time, it will be moved to the nearest previous working time.
  • When a task reaches the deadline when it is assigned the Cancel Task option, the task will be canceled. However, task duration, start and finish times are different on different iterations due to the risks and uncertainties. Therefore, task can reach the deadline in one iteration and not another. RiskyProject calculates the task success rate based number of iterations where the task has been successfully completed. Deadlines are one of the examples of Event Chains where events on one task (e.g. restart or delay) may cause another event (cancellation because deadline has been reached).

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