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Setting up your projects

The RiskyProject workflow includes five major steps. Each step includes a number of activities and each activity is associated with at least one RiskyProject view. The five major steps of the RiskyProject workflow are:

  1. Create or import a project schedule, which includes tasks, resources, and costs:
  2. Add and uncertainties to the project, assign risks to specific tasks and resources, or make them global;
  3. Perform calculation and analyze results;
  4. Track project performance; and,
  5. Report results.

During the course of the project, actual performance is monitored and tracking information is updated. All processes can be repeated again as soon s new data about project performance become available. RiskyProject allows you to compare current deterministic project schedule with the calculated schedule that takes into account risks, uncertainties and actual project performance. At any step in the workflow, you can view the data and simulation results using a variety of visualization and analysis tools.

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