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Setting up duration defaults

Use the Duration tab to define the calculation of task durations.

  1. Click the Schedule tab. In the Settings group, click Options.
  2. Click the Duration tab.
  3. Select the time units that will be used to enter Duration and Work. Duration and Work can be entered in minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months.
  4. Define default value for effort driven flag for new tasks.
  5. Select how low and high durations will be calculated:
    • Absolute values can be added (subtracted) to the Base Duration.
    • High and low durations are calculated by multiplyingHigh and low durations are calculated by multiplying the Base duration with a coefficient.
    • Internally all calculations in RiskyProject are in hours. The units you select are only for data entry and display.
    • By default, Low, Base, and High durations are the same. This is important as RiskyProject recommends that you use Risks to calculate task durations rather than a range of uncertainty. T
    • Low and High can represent a different uncertainty range depending upon the distribution that you apply. For uniform and triangular distributions, Low and High represent the minimum and maximum duration. For normal and lognormal distributions, the range can be P1/P99, P5/P95, or P10/P90, which you define in the Distribution tab of the Task Information dialog for each particular task.

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