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About Risk Scores

Risk scores are a calculated parameter that equals probability multiplied by impact. Risk probability, impacts and scores are calculated before and after risk mitigation. Risk score is calculated for each risk category as well as all risk categories.

Original, Pre-, and Post-Mitigation Probabilities, Impacts and Scores

RiskyProject calculates few sets of probabilities, impacts and scores for each risk category as well as for all categories:

  • Original: when risk chance and outcome are defined. This information is saved in Risk History. If you want to change original probabilities, impacts and scores you would need to make modifications in Risk History using the History tab on the Risk Information dialog. Original risk score is first implemented in RiskyProject version 7.
  • Pre-mitigation or Current: reflects most recent changes to chance and outcomes. If you simply enter chance and outcome, your original probability, impact and score will be represented as Pre-mitigation or Current value.
  • Post-Mitigation: Pre-mitigation probability, impact and score with changes due to mitigation plans.

You can view all sets of probabilities, impacts, and scores in the Risk Register.

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