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Risk Report View

The Risk Report is a view the includes the selected attributes of selected risks. The report for one risk may contain one or many pages. The total number of pages per report equals the number of selected risks multiplied by the number of pages per risk. The Risk Report includes seven sections:

  1. General Properties
  2. Pre- and post- mitigation probabilities, impact and score
  3. Cost of Risk
  4. Custom Properties
  5. Waterfall Chart
  6. Mitigation Plans
  7. Risk Reviews

Each page of the risk report contains a header and footer. The header and footer may include up to three lines of text and a logo located on the left or right side. You can customize the Risk Report in the following ways:

  • Select the order and turn on and off any section of the report
  • Customize each section by enabling and disabling any attribute and customizing labels of the attribute. For example by default the label for risk detailed description is called "Description". Instead you may use "Information about risk".
  • Customize headers and footers. Specifically, you can select a logo that can be placed in the header and/or footer.
  • Bold the for attribute values and labels

To customize the Risk Report:

  1. On the Risks tab, in the Risk Views, click Risk Report.
  2. At the bottom of the view click Customize Risk Report.
  3. Select section of the risk report and change the order of the sections
  4. Enable/disable attribute, customize attribute's label, make label or value of the attribute bold
  5. For "Pre- and post- mitigation probabilities, impact and score" of the report enable or disable pre and post mitigation matrixes.
  6. Click OK. Report will be regenerated to reflect the change

Project risk management: risk reporting

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