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Risk ID Settings

You can generate Risk ID automatically. Alternatively, you can enter the risk IDs manually, in the same manner as you enter any other risk property. If a Risk ID is generated automatically, you can overwrite it manually. Risk ID will be incremented each time you enter new risk.

Risk IDs may include four components

  1. Prefix - any symbols (optional)
  2. Number - from 4 to 16 digits (optional)
  3. Suffix - any symbols (optional)
  4. Date - date format can be defined (optional)

Risk ID can be unique for all projects on your computer or unique only for a particular schedule. For example, if risk ID is unique for all projects on the computer:

  • Project A will have risks R0001, R0002, R0003, R0004
  • Project B will have risks R0005, R0006, R0007

If Risk ID unique only for the particular schedule:

  • Project A will have risks R0001, R0002, R0003, R0004
  • Project B will have risks R0001, R0002, R0003

You can always reset the starting number. The starting number only affects new risks and does not affect risks, which had been previously entered. However, if you update the starting number the Risk ID may not be unique. In addition, the Risk ID may be not unique if you manually overwrite automatically generated risk ID.

To enable the automatic generation of Risk ID and format Risk IDs:

  1. Click the Schedule tab. In the Settings group, click Options.
  2. Click the Risk tab.
  3. Select the Generate Risk ID automatically check box
  4. Click on Risk ID Format to define rule of Risk ID automatic generation; the Risk ID Format dialog box opens
  5. In the Risk ID Format dialog bos, select how Risk ID will be generated: for particular project or for all projects on your computer.
  6. Define the Risk ID prefix and suffix.
  7. Define the number of digits for Risk ID generation.
  8. Enable / disable date as part of the Risk ID format.
  9. If date is enabled, define the date format and position.
  10. Define the starting number for generating Risk IDs.

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