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Risk Correlations

Different risks can be correlated to each other. For example, bad weather conditions (risk 1) can mean that the delivery of the goods can be delayed (risk 2). For each risk, you can specify correlated risks or view risks, which can occur with a particular risk. For example the risk 'Technical Difficulties with HTML editor' occurs together with the risk 'Major problem with web site'.
If you define a correlation between risk 1 and risk 2, and then define a correlation between risk 1, risk 3 and risk 4, the correlation between risk 1 and risk 2 defined in the previous step will be removed. Therefore, if you want to setup correlations between many different risks, you must perform this in one step.

Project risk analysis: risk correlations

Risk correlations can be specified once for different mutually exclusive alternatives of the same risk. The Moment of risk will not be correlated: even though risks are correlated, they may occur at a different moments during the task duration.

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