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Resource calendars

Resource calendars make sure that work resources (people and equipment) are scheduled only when they are available for work. They affect a specific resource or category of resources. By default, the working time settings in the resource calendar match the project calendar. However, you can customize the resource calendar to show individual schedule information, such as vacations, leaves of absence, or equipment maintenance time.

When you create a resource, the default resource calendar will be created. You may view this resource calendar in Working Time dialog box. By choosing Working Time from the Tools menu, you can edit resource calendars to indicate nonworking time. You can also create or assign different base calendars for individual resources to indicate specific working hours. For example, you can assign a resource to a calendar that you created for carpenters who may be working during a time that is different from other workers. You can edit Base calendars for each resource in the Working Time dialog box.

When RiskyProject schedules the project, it uses the resource calendar to schedule the tasks that that have resources assigned. For example, if a resource has a week of vacation specified on his or her resource calendar, RiskyProject will not schedule the task for that week.

If you have resources that work alternative schedules, such as part-time or the night shift, we recommend that you set up and apply a separate base calendar for each shift. Use resource calendars to accommodate exceptions to individual resource's working times.

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