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Predecessors and Lags

You define information about predecessors and lags in the Predecessor tab of Task Information dialog box.

Click the Schedule tab. In the Schedule and Calendar group, use the link buttons to link tasks; however, this method of creating task dependencies has limitations:

  • You cannot link a task (from example Task #5) to a previous task (for example Task #3).
  • You cannot input lag, which is time delay between predecessor and successor. RiskyProject allows you to setup probabilistic lag with statistical distribution defined by low, base, high number.

  • Sometimes it is convenient to use the Predecessor tab instead of link toolbar buttons when task has multiple predecessor or if there is a big difference in task Ids between current task and predecessor. For example, it is not convenient to link task number 5 to task number 74 using toolbar buttons.
  • You may use Predecessor column within Gantt view to define or modify predecessors. Text: "1, 2+2 days" would mean than current task has two predecessors (Task 1 and Task 2 with lag 2 days).

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