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Parallel Risks

Parallel risks represent a way of modeling risks in cases where multiple risks occur simultaneously. If risks are parallel, RiskyProject will only account for maximum impact of the most critical risk during each iteration of a simulation. This is useful if one or more less critical risks occur in conjunction with a critical risk recovery from all potential risks which can occur over the same period. In such cases, only the impact of the most critical risk will be accounted for in the simulation.

For example, a risk ‘No enough information…’ causes a delay of 5 days, and a risk ‘Staff turnover’ causes a delay of 1 day. If these risks occur together and they are not parallel, the cumulative impact will be 6 days maximum. If they are parallel, cumulative impact will be 5 days.

To set a risk to run in parallel:

  1. Double-click on the task id for the task in which you want to set a parallel risk.
  2. Click the Risks tab.
  3. Locate the risk you want to run in parallel.
  4. In the “P” column for the risk, click the check box. The risk will now run in parallel to the other risks assigned to the project.
  5. Repeat for all other risks that you want to run in parallel.

Parallel risks are calculated for increasing cost and duration. They do not affect risk outcomes of cancel/end tasks or non-schedule risks.

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