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Mutually exclusive alternatives

Mutually exclusive alternatives are used to calculate alternate outcome types for the same risk event that cannot occur at the same time. An alternative risk is similar to using a Boolean "OR" statement. Only one risk alternative can occur at the same time. For example, if you have a fire risk, the fire could be minor or major each with different outcomes. They are the same risk, but unlike other risk events, these alternatives cannot occur at the same time.

In this example, the risk Fire has two alternatives:

Chance Outcome Type Outcome
10% Relative delay Negligible: < 1 month
2% Relative Delay Low: < 1-3 months

When the simulations are run, there is a 12% chance that the risk Fire will occur. 10% of the time the outcome of the minor fire will be calculated, while 2% of the time the outcome of a major fire is calculated, but they are never calculated during the same simulation. The diagram below shows mutually exclusive alternatives.

You can view this diagram by clicking the About Risk Alternatives button in the Probabilities and Outcomes tab of the Risk Information Dialog box.

Project risk management: Mutually Exclusive Alternatives

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