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Managing Resources and Work

Resources are the people and equipment that are assigned or the material that is used to complete a task.

To add resources

  1. Click the Schedule tab. In the Schedule Views group, click Resources..
  2. Click on a row.
  3. Provide a Name (mandatory), Initials (optional), and Rate (mandatory).
    • You can group resources to define reams using the indent and outdent buttons.
    • Initials and notes are for information only and do not affect the calculations.
    • Rates affect the cost the task to which the resource is assigned. Rates for work resources can be per year, month, week, day, hour and minute. Rates for material resources are per unit (e.g. 10 tons).
  4. Select the resource type: Material or Work.
    • Material label indicates type of material resources (e.g. tons)
    • Maximum units are used to calculate Overallocation of work resources. It is not used for the material resources.

  • Use the Resource Information dialog box to assign resources risks.
  • You can add risks to a resource using the Risk tab of Resource Information dialog box. If you have only a few risks assigned to a few resources, this is the preferred method to define resource risks. If you have many resources, we recommend that you add the risks in the Risk Register of Risk workflow tab and then assign them to the resources from one of the risk views.
  • Default rate for resource type Work is defined in the Schedule tab> Settings and Options>Options > Cost tab.

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