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Finding Text or Data

A popular method to quickly assign low and high estimate for duration and cost using coefficients is to assign them to groups that are identified by specific values in text or data fields. This is often referred to as grouping or banding.

To find specific text or data values in your project fields:

  1. Click the Schedule tab. On the Zoom and Find group, click the Find button. The Find dialog box opens.
  2. From the Look in field: dropdown list, select the column that you want to search. This list contains only those columns available in currently open view.
  3.  From the Test: dropdown list select the logic definition that you want to use for your search. Type in the value that you want search for in the text box to the right. Selected activities are highlighted. Activities will remain selected until you clear the selections.
  4.  To clear your selections, click the Unselect button.
    For example, if you want to find/select all Tasks with that include “Design” in the task name, select Task Name in the Look in field: dropdown list. From the Test: dropdown list, select contains and type in “Design” in the text box and click Find..

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