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Exporting Projects

You can export project data to a variety of 3rd party applications. You may export data to Microsoft Project XML format, or MPX format. Most project management scheduling software supports Microsoft Project XML format. While Microsoft Project no longer saves data in the MPX format, it can still read this format.

Exporting data to XML or MPX formats

  1. From the File menu, choose Export> XML or Export> MPX and enter the file name. The Export Data dialog box opens.
  2. You can export either the current project schedule or the results of the analysis. You must select the type of the schedule you want to export.

Exporting Results of Analysis to Microsoft Excel

You can export statistical data for a group of selected tasks to the comma-separated (CSV) file for use in Microsoft Excel. For the selected tasks, the csv file contains the following simulation results: duration, cost, start and finish time, and work for all iterations.

  1. Open any view that contains task information, such as Project View, and select tasks you want to export.
  2. From the File menu, choose Export> Statistics.
  3. Enter the file name for comma separated (CSV) file and click OK. You can now open this file Microsoft Excel.

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