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Defining work for task types

You can enter tasks as work rather than duration. The Work view shows the total work of all resources assigned to a task.

  1. On the Schedule tab, in the Schedule Views group, click Work.
  2. Select the Task type: fixed units, fixed duration, or fixed work. The same information can be defined using Advanced tab of Task Information dialog box.
  3. Check the Effort driven flag if the task is effort driven (default value). Effort driven task can be defined in the Advanced tab of Task Information dialog box.
  4. Enter low, base, and high work for the selected task. Units for work are defined in the Tools > Options > Duration tab. Duration and units for the task will be calculated based on task type.
  • For probabilistic calculations, work is always correlated with duration. Seed and distribution of the duration are used for work as well. Therefore, seed and distribution for work are not entered.
  • You may view work assigned to the particular resource in the Resource tab of task information dialog.

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