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Creating a mitigation or risk response plan

  1. Click the Risks tab. In the Risk Views group, click Mitigation/ Response Plans.
  2. Enter the mitigation or response plan name. Summary entries will help you to organize information, but they are not considered a mitigation plan.
  3. Select either Mitigation or Response plan
  4. For Response plans, enter an Outcome Type and Outcome of the response. The outcomes types are automatically populated based not the list of outcome type.
  5. Enter the Cost of the mitigation or response plan
  6. For Mitigation plans, enter the default reduction of probability and impact if mitigation plan is assigned to the risk. For example, a mitigation plan reduces probability on 5% and impact on 10%. If a mitigation plan is assigned to the risk that has 45% probability and 30% impact before mitigation, the risk will have 40% probability and 20% impact after mitigation.
  7. Enter the mitigation or response plan description. If you double-click on a mitigation/response plan ID, the Mitigation or Response Plan Description dialog box will open.

A mitigation or response plan can be assigned to multiple risks. The cost of mitigation or response plans will be included with each risk.

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