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Cost Rate Tables

You define task deadlines in the Cost Tab of Resource Information dialog box.

Using the cost rate tables, you can assign different rates to the selected resource. You can define different rates for the selected resource, along with the effective dates. These rate table can be used to account for rate increases or decreases over time, due to work resource salary raises, for example, or material resource discounts.

Effective Date:

This is the date when the standard rate, overtime rate, and per-use cost specified in this row are to take effect. This is the default rate that applies when no other effective dates exist, or for those dates that the effective dates don't cover. That rate stays in effect until the next Effective Date listed in the cost rate table. On the date a new rate is to take effect, the rate changes throughout RiskyProject Project, for example, in the Rate fields on the Resource View, and in resource cost calculations for assigned tasks.


The hourly rate to be accrued for regular work, or straight time, for this resource.
Per Use Cost: The set amount to be accrued whenever this resource is used, regardless of the amount of work done.

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